Episode 44: Unprecedented

Many people complain that President Donald Trump has broken the norms of the office of President. However, I believe that those norms were already broken, and that is partly why we elected Trump in the first place. Can we go back to the way things were?

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Episode 43: Who Owns America?

At the heart of so many of our disputes today is the question of who owns America. Who has the best claim on this country, this nation? What makes someone an American? As rioters storm our streets to take our country by violence, I try to figure out who this country really belongs to.

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Livestream 3: The Cold Civil War Turns Hot

In my third livestream I discuss the chaotic week that was, as riots have engulfed most of our major cities. The division in our country has never been greater, and this could be just the beginning.


(Note that the Periscope video cuts off at about 34 minutes – I am not sure why, as I streamed for 51. The audio version posted below has the full stream.)

Livestream 1: China, Libertarians, and Blasphemy

My first ever livestream, recorded Tuesday evening April 21, 2020. I share my thoughts on the state of the world, with specific attention to China, libertarian idealism, and de facto American blasphemy laws.

Watch the video here:


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Episode 38: Reckoning

America is due for a reckoning. We have forsaken the traditions and wisdom of our ancestors in favor of novelty, throwing out generations of knowledge in our effort to remake society and remake mankind. Yet pride always goes before the fall. The gods of the copybook headings always have their due.

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Episode 37: The End of America (As We Know It)

The coronavirus pandemic will surely be the end of America as we know it. But what is America? Our country has been radically transformed from the nation created by our Founding Fathers, and we are continuing to be transformed every day. What can we do to make America what we want it to be for our posterity?

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Episode 36: Normalcy

We tend to think that the way we live now is how it always was and how it always will be. But society is always changing; sometimes gradually, and sometimes suddenly. This pandemic is going to change many things in our lives, and we will soon be confronted with the new normal.

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Episode 35: The American Diseconomy

Our nation is run by a bloated bureaucracy that has become so inefficient it cannot carry out its basic functions. That has been on display this week, as our government has been unable to test for and contain the COVID-19 outbreak. What is the solution to this mess? Is it more socialism and more federal control? On the contrary, the answer to our problems is localism and small government.

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Episode 34: The Return of Kings

At the core of the decline of our once-great nation is the loss of masculine virtues such as courage, strength, and discernment. The American man has gone from being a king of his castle to chattel on a tax farm. But men are waking up, and deciding that there is more to life than simply counting the days until their deaths. Men across America are making the choice to take control of their lives and to build something that will echo through eternity.

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Roosh V: How I Turned to God

StoneToss: Divine Right

The Book of Ecclesiastes

Episode 33: The War of Ideas

The way in which younger generations communicate might seem crazy to their elders. However, there is a traditional and conservative counterculture growing in the shadows of social media today. The meme is a modern equivalent of the revolutionary-era pamphleteer, spreading ideas outside the bounds of our gatekeepers of knowledge.

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Nick Fuentes

The abortion meme

Episode 32: The Common Law

Recent events have shown clearly that we have a two-tiered justice system in America. Justice today depends less upon truth and more upon how politically-connected you are. People will not stand this sort of injustice for long.

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Jesse Kelly on Twitter.

Episode 31: The Hitler Lens

Half the country believes that President Donald Trump is literally Hitler. How might that affect their rhetoric and their actions going forward? This is a dangerous game the left is playing, and it portends tragedy for the American Republic.

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David Harsanyi’s post at National Review.

Episode 30: The Cult of Democracy

We are taught from grade school that democracy and the right to vote are the highest American values. Is that true? What does democracy actually mean? “Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.” We are the sheep, and the vote on what to have for dinner is fast approaching.

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Episode 29: Who Runs the Country?

At the heart of our current political conflict is the fundamental question of who runs our country, specifically our foreign policy. Is it our elected representatives, or is it a deep state of career bureaucrats?

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Check out Steve Cortes’ post at RealClear Politics: https://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2020/01/25/why_the_us_security_establishment_cant_stand_trump.html