Livestream 17: What Happened to Afghanistan?

In this Saturday morning livestream I talk about the impending fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban, and what that means for America going forward. I discuss the history of United States in war, especially in Vietnam, and I look at what our withdrawal portends for us and for the world.

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Livestream 16: Dispossession, Plymouth Rock, and Chaos in the World

In this Thursday afternoon livestream I talk about my latest podcast and essay, why I do not focus on the minute details of politics, Malcolm X and nationalism, Christopher Caldwell’s essay on the Pilgrim Fathers, the tragedy of the American Indians, and all the chaos that is going on in the world today.

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Christopher Caldwell: “Plymouth Rock Landed On Them”

Malcom X speech excerpt from March 29, 1964

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Livestream 14: Realignment

In my 14th livestream I talk about the political realignment that is occurring before our eyes, the need for the nationalist right to confront hard truths, and talk about what we can do to stay safe from encroaching tyranny.

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Livestream 3: The Cold Civil War Turns Hot

In my third livestream I discuss the chaotic week that was, as riots have engulfed most of our major cities. The division in our country has never been greater, and this could be just the beginning.

(Note that the Periscope video cuts off at about 34 minutes – I am not sure why, as I streamed for 51. The audio version posted below has the full stream.)

Livestream 1: China, Libertarians, and Blasphemy

My first ever livestream, recorded Tuesday evening April 21, 2020. I share my thoughts on the state of the world, with specific attention to China, libertarian idealism, and de facto American blasphemy laws.

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