The End?

As you might have noticed, things have been pretty quiet here on the blog and podcast. Where I once released one podcast a week, it has now been months since my last post.

I am still here; I have not gone anywhere. My day job still keeps me busy, and I have also increased my involvement in local politics. I am a precinct committeeman, the secretary for my district’s Republican committee, and this month I will start a term on the Library Board of Trustees. I volunteer for the Republican Party in my state, attempting to build bridges that will bear good fruit in the future.

Most of my writing attention has been given to Substack, where I focus on local issues, while still occasionally indulging my passion for history. I have also been published at the Idaho Freedom Foundation as well as Action Idaho. I was especially honored to have had an opportunity to write for the July edition of the UK Mallard magazine which was guest edited by Raheem Kassam.

I do not expect to publish anything further at Decline & Fall. Obviously the premise reminds sound – nothing in the past six months has done anything to change my mind that our country is due for a major upheaval. However, I have come to recognize that the name drives people away. People are looking for hope, and do not want to hear about the decline and fall of our great nation.

I believe I have written some valuable work here – among my favorites are my essay on why conservatism has failed, the comparison of Donald Trump with Richard Nixon, my look at how it was Barack Obama, not Donald Trump, that broke American politics, the analysis of the ongoing dispossession of our country, and my podcast from this year looking at the historic American nation through the lens of J.D. Vance’s Hillbilly Elegy.

I would like to preserve this work, and to reintroduce it to my new audience. To that end I am planning a video series called American Turning that will look at the historical context of our present situation and examine various ideas of where our society might be going. Same idea as Decline & Fall, but with a more positive and uplifting title. I will repurpose much of what I have already created for this endeavor, and I hope to begin work on that later this year.

For now, I invite you to continue following me at Substack. I make every post and video available to free subscribers, though if you wish to support me financially that is most welcome. (Just a few hundred more and I can quit my day job!) You can also follow me on Twitter, Telegram, Gab, or any of the other big social media sites.

I started Decline & Fall in late 2018 because I wanted to add some historical context to the ongoing conversation about the state of our nation. No matter how big or small my audience, I did it because I enjoyed the process. Some people make art, some design buildings, I craft essays and podcasts. I feel the same satisfaction, knowing I have brought into being something that did not exist before. I will continue to do that in other areas. I hope you will join me on our shared journey into the future.