Episode 71: American Jihad

Cable news and social media have incited the American people into a hatred for Russia and a clamor for war. Rather than looking at the real world, pundits and politicians engage in increasingly unhinged rhetoric, shunning factual analysis for meaningless platitudes. If we are not careful, we could find ourselves in World War III. Is there a way to stop this slow-motion train wreck?

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Intro music is “Rise of a Hero” by Audiocalm, licensed through Melody Loops.

CGP Grey: This Video Will Make You Angry

Sohrab Ahmari: The Bush-Biden Doctrine

John Robb: https://twitter.com/johnrobb

Pedro Gonzalez: https://twitter.com/emeriticus

Note: The impetus for this podcast came out of this discussion between Michael Malice and Mike Cernovich.

One thought on “Episode 71: American Jihad

  1. Russia is not the Big Bad Wolf and Ukraine is not little Red Hood.
    Russia is winning this war. Don’t believe the lies and misinformation by the News Media.
    Putin has a large supply of NUK’S and may be use then if pushed into a corner. Putin thinks he can win this war and will be willing to lose half of it’s population, will we do that???


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