Episode 58: The Second American Revolution

In the wake of the coup of 2020, the remnants of the historic American nation find ourselves in the same position as our forefathers two hundred and fifty years ago. How far will we go to reclaim our God-given liberties from a tyrannical totalitarian government?

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4 thoughts on “Episode 58: The Second American Revolution

  1. The USA is dead, stick a fork in it. Yes, the US government will use force to keep “We the People” in line, but that will have diminishing returns, quickly. Since the USG is probably one of the most corrupt governments (as it now stands), the legitimacy will diminish, quickly. Sure we will pay our taxes, but “we the people” really don’t matter in that realm, when you can just print money. It’s just another example of the use of force by the empire. “We the People” will also figure out how to limit the amount of tax we will pay to all forms of our corrupt system.

    Our casino economy will soon lead to diminishing returns in terms of economic growth, regardless of how much stimulus or quantitative easing takes place. Actual debt and unfunded mandates will increase faster than before, and will not be paid (default). Printing money is not the answer, but, it will occur. More debt does not increase prosperity. Much of that debt will end up in the casino stock market or a cryptocurrency as a speculation not investment. This occurred from 2009-2016, and 2020-?

    Sure, the US has a well funded, expensive, military and technologically advance in some areas. But that too will be hollowed out in finality, with the lack of quality recruits staying away from the rampant stupidity and corruption. The boot-licking leadership (FOGOs) of the military will not provide real leadership, and will set the stage for the next defeat of the USA empire. The empire has not won a war since WWII, and has spent 20 years in country that has a reputation as being the graveyard of empires. What is ironic, that the USA was created by instituting an insurgency and yet cannot defeat insurgencies (granted we are just a mercenary force at this time).

    A political solution with the current system is/was never going to happen. A peaceful separation such as Czech Republic and Slovakia, would be preferable (for all), but, that is a peaceful political solution, which won’t happen. The former USA was born out of violence, the new country, will in all likely hood be born out of violence. It will be bloody and it will be a winner take all contest, much like the first civil war between the colonists and British Empire. Unless the collapse will occur first, then a dystopian “Mad Max” environment may exist.

    My best take away from what may happen in the coming years is to organize in a community. You’ve emphasized that idea via your blog. Build your tribe/community. This is happened as Roman Empire was collapsing after Marcus Aurelius. People who inhabit the urban/suburban archipelagos are at an extreme disadvantage, because there is no sense of community. The city-states embrace the age of decadence that we inhabit, present day. The hard work needed for developing a community doesn’t exist. Plus the over-reliance on the “lessors”, the people who inhabit what is called flyover country for all means of sustenance, will lead to their demise. The tribal warfare of the city-states competing over limited resources will be a interesting to watch.

    Throughout history empires only exist for 250 years on average. Many just fade away, such as the British empire since 1950 (I think the collapse started after WWI, with a lost generation of men dying in France). The former USA is at that point. Collapse is here. What will be the timeline of the collapse and then a new “nation” is unknown (I give it 15 years tops, but I will probably be wrong on my prediction)? The fading way and the rise of something new has started.


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