Episode 57: The Coup of 2020

President Trump’s victory in 2016 was an unexpected setback on the road to globalist technocracy, so they used every means to remove him in 2020. What happened? How can we respond? Where do we go from here?

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The Christian Crusade to Save Free Speech, Again” by Andrew Torba

2 thoughts on “Episode 57: The Coup of 2020

  1. The fall will pick up speed now. We’ve been in the “Age of Decadence” (Sir John Glubb’s term), for quite some time. Not just the USA, but, Western Civilization. The actual collapse may occur within the next ten years, unless an Augustus emerges in the USA? Big maybe. The USA is already moving fast towards a tribal state, as do most empires when they collapse (e.g. Rome). Since the value of money is nothing, we just print, print, and print, the economic collapse could be the event. Something else could trigger the collapse. I am not pessimistic or scared as to what comes next. But rather trying to systematically develop a decent plan (no plan survives first contact, but the act of planning is what is important-risk assessing and managing), to thrive and survive within my family/tribe/community. It is in reality making family/tribe/community anti-fragile as to what will occur.


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