Episode 55: The End of the Nation-State and the Coming Global Technocracy

(The essay version of this podcast can be found here.)

The Great Reset is on the horizon. Big Tech censors independent thought. Communist China is rising. How do these things relate? What can we do to safeguard our freedom in a technocratic future?

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Clarification: President Bill Clinton signed the initial law permanently normalizing trade relations with China near the end of 2000. President George W. Bush confirmed it in early 2001.

4 thoughts on “Episode 55: The End of the Nation-State and the Coming Global Technocracy

  1. Well said sir. Here, just a few days later, the Technocracy is already flexing its’ muscles by banning the President. Where do you recommend moving to in Idaho?


  2. Thank you, panzerdude. Regarding where to move, anywhere in the country is better than big cities. Red states are somewhat better than blue states. Here in Idaho we have our own issues with RINO leadership, but there are some areas that are still quite conservative.


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