What happens when you push the most ambitious, clever, and powerful man of his generation into a corner? What happens when you close off all legal avenues to salvation and promise to destroy his livelihood, his family, and even his very life? Would you expect such a man to meekly submit, or to fight for his life?

Julius Caesar faced this very situation in January of 49 BC. He had made him some powerful enemies in the Roman Senate over the years, including his former friend and ally Pompey, but his positions as consul of Rome and later proconsul of Gaul made him immune to legal prosecution. However, his term as proconsul had come to an end, and Roman law required him to resign command of his legions and reenter the capital as a private citizen. Would such a man as Caesar submit to such a humiliation and possible execution in the name of maintaining traditional norms? Would you? Caesar, of course, refused. He led his legions into Rome itself, forcing Pompey and his allies to flee for their lives. Caesar started a civil war that left him the undisputed master of the Roman Republic, and after his assassination in 44 BC his nephew Octavian ascended to the imperial throne as Caesar Augustus.

One can never tell how things might have happened differently in history, but it is always interesting to speculate. What might have happened if Pompey and the rest of Caesar’s enemies had not threatened to destroy him upon his return to Rome? Could Caesar have returned and continued to work through the legal process without starting a civil war? Julius Caesar was ambitious, and might well have done so anyway, but we will never know.

The United States of America is facing a Rubicon moment of its own this year. The Democratic Party has clearly engaged in electoral fraud in order to recapture the White House after Donald Trump’s stunning upset in 2016. President Trump is pursuing constitutional and legal challenges to the apparent electoral results, however success is not guaranteed. Extraordinary measures might be required to save this country from those who wish to fundamentally transform it into a globalist province.

The alliance of the Democratic Party, the Republican establishment, and the globalist activists of the Deep State bureaucracy have been fighting President Donald Trump since before his inauguration in 2017:

  • They spied on his campaign, transition team, and his administration.
  • They pressured electors to pick someone else.
  • They ignored his authority over the Executive Branch.
  • They impeached him over a phone call.
  • They used the coronavirus pandemic to create the most elaborate electoral fraud operation in American history.

All the while they have threatened to destroy him, his family, and his supporters the moment he is out of office:

Democratic Congressman Bill Pascrell, who is chairman of the powerful House Ways & Means Subcommittee on Oversight, plans to prosecute not only President Trump but also his “enablers”:

Leftist activist posing as objective journalist Jake Tapper threatened that anyone who continues to support President Trump should be blacklisted from employment:

Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the rising star of the socialist left, wants to create lists of Trump supporters for future reprisals:

Former Clinton Administrator Labor Secretary Robert Reich wants to set up an Orwellian “Truth and Reconciliation Committee” to re-educate Trump supporters:

Is it any wonder that President Trump is fighting so hard to win this election through any legal means available? The radical left would love to see Trump hanged on the South Lawn of the White House while anyone who supported him is sent to the gulag. This fight is not merely political; it is existential!

The question remains: What if Trump fails? What if his legal challenges to this obviously fraudulent election are not successful? What if the mainstream media’s framing of the election convinces legislators and judges to accept the fait accompli? What if Trump campaign legal advisor Sydney Powell’s kraken ends up being more of a guppy? Will President Trump meekly step aside and allow the radical left to not only destroy him and his family, but the country he loves?

Alexander Macris argues that Trump can cross his own Rubicon without resorting to civil war:

Unlike Caesar, Trump can cross the Rubicon legally. He need violate no sacred law. He has all of the legal power he needs to act and win. Congress has given it to him. All he needs to do is invoke the Insurrection Act.

Macris’ argument is compelling, and it goes without saying that using the authority available to him in this matter would be just as destructive as personally leading an army into Washington DC to seize power. The American left already considered President Trump’s first term to be illegitimate, so using such extraordinary powers to ensure a second would drive them insane with rage. The thugs who have been terrorizing our city streets for eight months and counting would come out in force, and anyone with a Trump hat or even an American flag on their home might find themselves targets of the mob. Even though invoking the Insurrection Act is within the president’s authority, actually doing so would likely set off the very civil war that it is intended to avoid.

Macris agrees:

If Trump calls on the unorganized militia to save the Republic from voter fraud, a militia will come. So too would an anti-militia or resistance. In fact, lots of people who are willing to fight are fighting on the streets already. It seems likely that if Trump crosses the Rubicon, he will trigger a civil war, just like Caesar triggered a civil war.

Yet even civil war might be better than the alternative. We long ago departed a time of easy choices, and no matter how much the Mitt Romneys or Jonah Goldbergs of the world long to return to a pre-Trump “normalcy,” that ship has sailed. Pompey was never going to restore the Roman Republic of Cincinattus or Scipio by simply removing Caesar no more than we can restore the American Republic of Lincoln and Roosevelt by removing Trump. President Trump did not cause our current crisis; he was just the natural evolution of where our society has been moving for several decades. It made perfect sense for traditional and conservative Americans to turn to a leader like Trump who promised to fight for us, rather than simply negotiate our surrender to the left as countless Republican leaders had been doing for decades.

If the “resistance” is successful in stealing the election of 2020, the Biden/Harris Administration will use their executive power to ensure that they are never again threatened by a national populist like Donald Trump. They will fully commit the United States to the Great Reset, once and for all erasing the liberty and sovereignty that made America the greatest expression of the ideals of Western Civilization. If we do not fight now, we might not have another chance.

Macris concludes his piece thus:

This is not a drill. This is where we are. If Trump is standing on the banks of the Rubicon, it’s because the leftist machine has purposefully widened the Rubicon River until it reaches his feet.

President Donald Trump faces the same choice that Julius Caesar made more than two thousand years ago: Surrender and allow himself and his people to be destroyed, or fight. For the sake of his family, for the sake of his voters, for the sake of our posterity, we need him to cross the Rubicon and fight for America.

3 thoughts on “Rubicon

  1. We truly are at a Rubicon moment. Not sure what comes next? Submission? Partition? Civil War?

    The USA of my youth is long gone, unfortunately. I wish I could’ve preserved it, but it was gone before I could do anything about it. I have tried as a parent to preserve what I saw and experienced as a kid for my children, with some success, for now. But, the end of the empire is near, and the age of instability for the foreseeable future will rule. If Trump crosses the Rubicon, there is no going back. It’s all in. We will know in the coming weeks, as to our fate. Pray.


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