3 thoughts on “Media Appearance

  1. The US will not fall. Your insistence that these are the last days of the US shows your ignorance and your over-reliance on the Bible. You are so negative.


    1. I count at least two non sequiturs in this comment. First, the entire premise of this site is that we are in the last days of America as we have known it. You are free to disagree, but you cannot simply hand wave it away and claim I am “ignorant”. And “over-reliance on the Bible”? Another non-sequitur.

      I approved this comment, even though it has nothing to do with this post, because I want to demonstrate for people the reason why I do this. There is a lot of ignorance and blind optimism out there, even on our side. We need to be aware of what has happened in history and look with sober eyes at what is happening today. Simply closing our eyes and pretending everything will be ok is the one sure way to be unprepared for the future.


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