Episode 52: Two Plus Two Equals Four

(The essay version of this podcast can be found here.)

Fake news and propaganda are more than just lies, rather they are an assault on reason itself. Chesterton, Kipling, and Orwell all warned us against those who would try to convince us that two plus two does not necessarily equal four, yet today we face that very challenge.

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5 thoughts on “Episode 52: Two Plus Two Equals Four

  1. Very good pod-cast.  You’re saying everything that’s been in my head for the last ten years or so but I can’t seem to put it to words…Bravo.  No wonder we have a suicide problem among  teenagers, as we messed up their minds with public education.  I’ve argued with quite a few folks over the years with what you’ve discussed in your pod-cast but I couldn’t get thru to them one bit.


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