Livestream 1: China, Libertarians, and Blasphemy

My first ever livestream, recorded Tuesday evening April 21, 2020. I share my thoughts on the state of the world, with specific attention to China, libertarian idealism, and de facto American blasphemy laws.

Watch the video here:

Listen to the audio below, or listen, subscribe, and review on iTunes.

2 thoughts on “Livestream 1: China, Libertarians, and Blasphemy

  1. Brian,
    Appreciate your efforts via the podcasts, now I need to add the blog to my reading. You wondered if anyone was listening to the livestream (or the recording), so wanted to tell you yes and thank you.

    When driving, I listen to an audiobook, then, when done, DaF podcasts until I catch up. Then another book, etc.

    Really appreciate the historical perspective.

    If there is a way to email you?



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