Episode 5: Liberal Hypocrisy

Episode 5 of the Decline & Fall podcast. Conservatives love to point out liberal hypocrisy as if they are scoring rhetorical points. But does it matter? Are liberals really hypocrites if their only principle is a will to power?

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Here is the blog post by Caleb Q. Washington that I mentioned in the episode. Read the whole thing. https://www.calebqwashington.com/2019/01/22/rod-dreher-undermines-his-own-book-the-benedict-option/

3 thoughts on “Episode 5: Liberal Hypocrisy

  1. Brian – following up. The audio on episode 5 is very good. Thank you for making the adjustment. The content is also very good. I appreciate your efforts. Your writing and history tie ins are to be commended. Nicely done!


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