Episode 4: Learning From History

After a week’s hiatus, I have recorded episode 4 of the Decline & Fall podcast. In this episode I talk about how a study of history can give us an idea of how things will play out over the next few decades, as well as how modern society completely fails to teach history to young people. Listen here, or subscribe and download at iTunes.

4 thoughts on “Episode 4: Learning From History

  1. Brian – recently found your podcasts and am enjoying them. Thank you for doing what you are doing.
    I usually listen while driving and have a hard time hearing you. I have to have my iPhone and stereo system near full volume, which then is way too loud for everything else. If there is a way for you to increase the gain on your recordings, so your input levels are higher, it would help. Your intro recordings have a higher gain than your voice, so you may need a small mixer (physical or software) to even things out. Thanks again.


    1. Thanks Clark, I appreciate the feedback. Episode 3 I know was especially bad as I recorded the entire thing with my laptop microphone rather than the external mic and didn’t realize it until a week later. I’m editing Episode 5 now, and I made an effort to stay closer to the mic and speak in a consistent voice. Let me know if it’s better.


      1. I’ve subscribed, so it will queue up as soon as you release it. I will let you know if the audio is better. Thank you again.

        By the way, found episode 3 highly motivational. Thank you.


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