Odds and Ends

No podcast this week. I have been taking care of a sick child. I know people seem to say this every year, but it feels like the cold and flu are extra bad this season. In any case, please listen and subscribe to the first three episodes on iTunes. I’ll have episode 4 ready next week.

I have acquired some reading material to prepare for the next few posts and podcasts, however:


Something to watch: The Missouri legislature is looking to pass a law that would prevent enforcement of federal gun control laws that are deemed unconstitutional by Missouri. This is an interesting step in the decline and fall of America – states reclaiming their sovereign powers from an out-of-control federal bureaucracy. Progressive states are already doing this with sanctuary cities for illegal aliens as well as marijuana legalization. Now conservatives are getting into the game. In my former home state of Washington, rural county sheriffs are standing up against the progressive state government’s attempts to regulate guns out of existence. This is a good sign. If states can reclaim their sovereignty then we might well pull off a peaceful separation. I’ll have more to say on this in a future post.

The Jussie Smollett affair is a case study in American decline. A black homosexual actor who is friends with the Obama family is able to fake a hate crime, receive support from celebrities and politicians, be indicted, and then walk away Scot free. This is the sort of thing that is commonplace in third-world countries. Justice is not blind, but depends on who you know. One of the hallmarks of the English common law was the fact that nobody, not even the king, stood above the law. Yet in America today politically-connected people get away with high crimes while your average Joe is prosecuted with prejudice for lesser things. Rule of law is replaced by anarcho-tyranny.

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