The Stench of Death

Just like a cold wind blowing clouds across the horizon portends a storm, there are often many signs of a civilization entering its final days. When a culture is young and growing, it is full of life – a high birthrate, strong families, innovative business, and a people confident in themselves and their traditions. When a culture is in decline, however, the opposite is often true. Birthrates have fallen, families are broken and dysfunctional, innovation is marginal, and the traditions and beliefs that once united people are now fragmented and mocked. Most of all, however, the decline of a civilization is seen in how its people treat the weakest in their midst, especially their children. This week we got some graphic lessons in how far our own country has fallen.

First we had the state of New York passing a new law enshrining abortion on demand as a permanent legal right while writing into law that unborn babies are not “persons” with legal protection. As Governor Cuomo signed the bill he was flanked by several women smiling at the fact that they had just made it easier for women to kill their own children. They further lit One World Trade Center with pink lights, ostensibly to celebrate a victory for “women’s health”. 75 years ago the skyscrapers of New York lit up with crosses to celebrate Easter, but now of course traditional religion is banned from the public square. It has been replaced with a secular progressive faith that has abortion as one of its core sacraments. For adherents of this new religion, abortion is absolutely non-negotiable. Asking them to restrict it in any way is like asking Muslims to forgo the hajj or one of the other pillars of their faith. They will countenance no restriction or criticism of abortion, even to the extent of defending monsters like Kermit Gosnell rather than give an inch.


Shortly after this celebration of death in New York, Virginia attempted to follow suit. While it sounds like the bill in Richmond was defeated, abortion advocates never rest for long. Governor Northam was caught on tape advocating for the bill, saying that even children who were born alive could be left to die if it passed. His office later backtracked, but his position was evident. Like New York, Virginia is a state full of rural conservatives who are outvoted by the massive number of extreme leftists who have spilled across the Potomac from Washington DC. Residents of upstate New York, where my ancestors lived, or the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia can only watch helplessly as their states enshrine this religion of death into state law. When half the country celebrates the murder of innocents, you can be sure that your culture is in severe decline. We look back with disgust at cultures such as the Aztecs, Spartans, or Phoenicians who would sacrifice or otherwise kill their own children, but the people of the United States are in no position to judge them now. If God does not harshly judge our nation for this holocaust, then perhaps He should apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.

It is not just the unborn who bear the brunt of our culture’s decline into death. Our children are increasingly being subjected to propaganda and mutilation that would make both Goebbels and Mengele blush. Transgenderism has been pushed into the mainstream of our society faster than anyone could have predicted. Children are being taught from birth that sex is not determined by chromosomes but is a choice they can make. Children are used as props by their parents to show how diverse and tolerant they are. Children are being prescribed hormone blockers and even given surgery to change them from male to female, or vice versa, as if such a thing were possible. A culture confident in itself would see this propaganda and mutilation for the mental illness it is and would take steps to protect its children from this horrific evil. Our culture, on the other hand, celebrates and encourages it. Ten-year-old “drag queens” dance on stage for money at gay bars and instead of his parents being arrested for child abuse they are invited on morning talk shows to be lauded by smiling hosts. Public libraries invite adult “drag queens” to read stories of tolerance and acceptance to young children, even after these creatures admit that their goal is to literally groom your children.

Yesterday a Twitter user posted a thread about a TV show that celebrated one young man’s journey to womanhood. The entire thread is unrolled here and is worth reading, if you can make it through without feeling sick:

Transgenderism is a serious mental health disorder being paraded as a identity like homosexuality. The difference is they desire a brutally violent medical procedure that will not result in a body of the opposite sex. Just pain and complications
Currently nobody is fighting this. The GOP has not fought this. Nobody has. We are marching towards a very sick world and nobody is speaking up. Contact your representatives and educate yourselves. Its going to get worse.

This farce is being taught as normal to our children. If they go to public schools they are being taught this propaganda. If they read books or watch TV they are being taught this propaganda. As they grow up, they get this propaganda from media, celebrities, and colleges. Transgenderism is becoming a fad for lonely teenagers, just like goth culture was in the 1990s. Nobody tells these young people that transgenderism is a mental illness that needs to be treated, not enabled. Nobody tells these young people that hormone blockers and sex-change surgery do not turn you into the opposite sex but leave you broken, sick, and in pain. Nobody tells these young people that transgenderism leads to suicide at a tremendous rate.

This is the mark of a culture in decline. We worship death, and sacrifice the next generation upon the altar of diversity and tolerance. Our civilization carries with it the stench of death and decay, and the sooner it falls the better it might be for those of us who remain.

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