Sometimes the actions of the left can seem puzzling. Even after video evidence emerged backing up the story of the Covington Catholic high school students in Washington DC last weekend, leftist journalists and pundits continued to attack the students. To their credit, some of the leftist and Globalist right commentators apologized without qualification, but many in fact doubled down, continuing to accuse the students of being racist and evil. Many journalists wrote that the smiles on the faces of the students were emblematic of “white privilege” and that their presence at the March for Life rally showed they were evil sexists to begin with. An interviewer from the Today Show on NBC asked the main student, Nicholas Sandman, why he hadn’t apologized to the American Indian activist, despite numerous videos showing that the boy had nothing to apologize for. What is behind this sort of behavior on behalf of our pundit class?

The answer is “intersectionality”. Go to a college gender studies class and you will hear the word all day long. Intersectionality is basically the name given to the broad alliance of feminists, blacks, Muslims, homosexuals, Hispanics, and anyone else who feels they have an axe to grind with America’s traditional white majority. In a vacuum, many of these groups would have nothing to do with each other. Muslims in Saudi Arabia execute homosexuals while keeping their women as second-class citizens, yet in America the three groups are on the same team. Even in America, black rappers are far more degrading toward woman than the most stereotypical white misogynist, yet feminists and blacks make common cause against their white enemy. It doesn’t make any sense until you learn about intersectionality. Intersectionality is essentially a hierarchy of victimhood. Position in the hierarchy is determined by which group is most “oppressed” by the evil white male Christian patriarchs of our society. Intersectionality should best be understood as a modern secular religion, with its priests (college professors and journalists), acolytes (various members of the oppressed classes), gods (diversity and inclusion), and devils (white Christian men).

Acolytes of intersectionality have redefined racism from being simply animosity or judgment based upon skin color to the more complicated formulation of “power plus prejudice”. Under this new definition, racism is determined by the hierarchy of victimhood. Someone higher on the list cannot, by definition, be racist toward someone lower. Blacks cannot be racist toward whites, they say, because whites have institutional privilege. Privilege is another big concept in the intersectional soup. The higher you are on the list, the more “privilege” you have. It doesn’t matter if you’re a dirt-poor white man who was raised by a single mother and didn’t finish high school. In the world of intersectionality, you have more “privilege” than former president Barack Obama. His children will receive affirmative action and special deals in life to make up for their lack of privilege, while your children will be taxed to death to pay for it. This also explains why men such as Louis Farrakhan or Al Sharpton can say terrible things about whites and Jews and not be censored, deplatformed, and fired from their gigs. George W. Bush once spoke of the “soft bigotry of low expectations.” Intersectionality means having no expectations of civility at all for favored groups.

Over the last few years, white women have started to learn that their position in the intersectional hierarchy is not as good as they once believed. Despite being the driving force behind feminism for the past century, white woman are now being attacked as enablers for the white male patriarchy. Slightly more than 50% of white women voted for President Trump in 2016, which is an unforgivable sin to the rest of the intersectional coalition. White women who fear for their lives from inner-city black thugs find themselves accused of racism. The slow speed at which some feminists have accepted the transgender movement has left them open to attack as well. The old guard of the feminist movement thought they were blazing trails for women – biological women, that is – but instead they simply opened the door for men to put on dresses, take hormones, and then dominate in women’s sports. The intersectional hierarchy is constantly evolving, and woe to the unwoke leftist who doesn’t change fast enough for the zeitgeist.

Understanding the intersectional hierarchy helps a great deal in explaining how leftists interpret the world. In the case of the Covington Catholic students, they exist at the very top of the privilege list, and therefore are always going to be the bad guys in the story. In their first encounter, with the Black Hebrew Israelite group, they simply withstood horrible insults and slurs. But in intersectionality, blacks are valued higher than whites, so the Covington students are the villains in the story. Then when they have a standoff with an American Indian activist, they are once again the higher-privileged group, and are once again the villains. The actual facts of the encounter do not matter one bit. Who said what, who approached whom, none of these things matter. Only intersectionality and privilege matter. The leftist journalists and commentators who have turned this encounter into a two-minutes-hate against white Christians are simply following in the footsteps of Vladimir Lenin, who believed that everything could be broken down into “who, whom”. “Who is doing what to whom?”

The one thing that confounds the hierarchy is party identification. Typically ones position in the list is determined by gender, skin color, religion, sexual orientation, etc. But party identification can move you up or down, depending on if you are a Democrat or a Republican. White male Democrats like Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, or Ted Kennedy can say or do things that would get their Republican counterparts absolutely destroyed in the media. On the other hand, black or female Republicans get no quarter from the left. It is worse, even, since they are seen as betraying their natural state. The left treats Clarence Thomas and Sarah Palin with the most vile insults and attacks because they left their natural positions within the leftist intersectional hierarchy. As usual, the accusations by the left about the right’s supposed racism or sexism are often simple projections of what they do and say to people who leave their reservation. The absurdity of the whole thing is evident when you see leftists accusing black, Hispanic, or Asian conservatives of having “white supremacy”.

Once you understand the intersectionality mindset of the left, so many things start to make sense. Take Beto O’Rourke, for example. In the 2018 Senate race in Texas, O’Rourke challenged Republican Senator Ted Cruz, who is of Cuban descent. Despite Beto being of Irish descent – as white as you can be in the 21st century – media sided with him over the Hispanic Cruz. It’s simple to explain: Cruz is a Republican, and therefore abandoned his proper place in the hierarchy and became a devil. However, watch what happens in the next year or so as the Democratic presidential race gets going. When covering Beto’s battle against, say, Kamala Harris, the black Senator from California, his “whiteness” puts him in a worse position in the hierarchy. It has already begun – CNN published a piece just last week called “Beto’s excellent adventure drips with white male privilege.

Intersectionality helps journalists as they write their stories. Rather than reading factual accounts or actually researching a candidate’s positions, intersectionality allows them to easily identify the heroes and the villains of a story. Journalists in the current year no longer simply aspire to accurately report the news. Instead, they go to journalism school in the hopes of changing the world. From grade school through college they are fed constant propaganda that includes generous helpings of intersectionality. This is their mindset, their worldview. They interpret everything through this lens. Understanding this lens is key to understanding leftists. This lens, however, is poisonous, as the Covington Catholic encounter has shown. When adult journalists are taking to a public forum to call for the expulsion, assault, and even death of teenagers because of the way they smiled, then they have crossed a dangerous line. White children are taught from birth that they are worth less than everyone else, and are constantly attacked in media as the villains of every story. Heaven help us all if the next generation of white youth decides to live up to that image.

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