Conservatives Lost the War

The Conservative Movement™ is constantly gearing up to fight the culture war. Establishment Republican campaigns are always asking for donations so they can fight the Left over abortion, gay marriage, small government, military support, and fiscal responsibility. Yet we see what happens when they are given the power they ask for. The GOP controlled the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives for two years but could not repeal ObamaCare nor even defund Planned Parenthood. These same conservatives fight harder against President Trump’s plan to withdraw from Syria and Afghanistan than they ever did against the Left’s assault on traditional American morality. Why is that?

If you have read any of my previous posts here you know my answer. The establishment GOP and the Democrats they claim to oppose are really two sides of the same Globalist Party. The Globalists infiltrated the Republican Party in the 1970s and 80s. Before it became a pejorative, “neoconservative” was an accurate description of this group, since they were literally “new conservatives”. These Globalists believed in foreign military adventures, increased migration, and low taxes. They never cared about traditional morality regarding abortion, homosexuality, marriage, or families. Yet in order to gain power within the Republican Party they needed to pretend that they did. By the George W. Bush Administration, most people had forgotten what conservatism was like before this infiltration. The infiltrators themselves, and their progeny such as Jonah Goldberg, Bill Kristol, and Ben Shapiro, had successfully conflated their Globalist agenda with traditional American conservatism. They succeeded in advocating for endless war abroad, relaxed immigration standards, and lower taxes, all the while allowing unconstrained abortion, the redefinition of marriage, and now the success of the transgender movement. As Vox Day has said several times “the conservatives couldn’t even conserve the women’s restroom.”

Conservatives have already lost the culture war, yet they still ask us for time and money so they can prepare to fight it. The same Globalist infiltrators who believe the Conservative Movement™ is theirs to define as they wish will attack populist Nationalists such as President Trump or Tucker Carlson with more ferocity than they ever used on the Left. They often seem stuck in a 1988 mindset, as if we are just a few years removed from the glory days of the Reagan era, and massive military spending is needed to combat socialism and communism around the globe. Yet they either cannot see or cannot admit that the values of the Soviet Union are alive and well in the United States now. We won the Cold War from a military and economic perspective, but we lost from a social and moral one. Vox Day wrote about this yesterday:

The real battle is not conservatism vs socialism. First, conservatism is dead because there is nothing left in the West to conserve. Second, the real battle is nationalism vs global imperialism. The most recent offensive of the neo-liberal world order has failed, but its armies have not left the field and its leaders are actively developing new strategies, new tactics, and new false oppositions in order to attempt to pick up where the last attempt left off.

The Globalists, or neoconservatives, or neo-Trotskyites as Vox Day calls them, are still pretending to be on our side. They remain a fifth column ready to stab Nationalism in the back. But their time is coming. People are beginning to see that the Globalists are not on America’s side, that they have always seen America like a parasite sees a host. What made America great in the first place was not diversity, or foreign wars, or crony capitalism, or a sheltered elite that has no concept of what life is like for the average family. If we are to make America great again we need to remember what made it great in the first place: Christian heritage, tradition, morality, and liberty. The Conservative Movement™ did not create this, and they did not conserve it. It is time for populist Nationalism: America First.

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