Patrick Buchanan on George H.W. Bush

Patrick Buchanan’s column tonight tracks along the same themes as my post earlier this week:

“The establishment won the great political battles before 2016. But how did the democracy crusaders, globalists, open borders progressives and interventionists do by their country in these decades?

Did the former presidents who sat beside Trump at National Cathedral, and the establishment seated in the pews behind them, realize that it was their policies, their failures, that gave birth to the new America that rose up to throw them out, and put in Donald Trump?”

Interestingly, it was Buchanan, political commentator and advisor for President Nixon who challenged President Bush in the 1992 Republican primary. As we all know, President Bush would eventually be defeated by Bill Clinton in a race that saw a strong independent showing by businessman Ross Perot.

From today’s vantage point both Buchanan and Perot appear to foreshadow President Trump. Buchanan was the paleo-conservative nationalist, warning of the dangers of unchecked immigration and globalism. Perot was the businessman warning of the dangers of free trade and the global economy. Both were ignored, and our nation suffered for it. After twenty-five years of decline brought on by our embrace of globalism, America finally turned to a man who promised to make things right again. How much better would we have been had we listened to Pat Buchanan in 1992?

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